Polar Vortex of 2019

January 30th. It’s a day every news outlet across the Midwest has been warning residents about for over a week now. Between the negative temperatures and incredibly strong windchill, real feel went all the way down to -48 on the brisk Wednesday - officially the coldest day in many midwestern states.

My university canceled classes on Wednesday for the first time in over 4 years. Before that, I can’t even tell you when the university had last cancelled classes. With my newfound mid-week freedom, I continued my adventures of learning to cook, bingeing Netflix, remembering I had an online class and last minute photo sessions.

After a late morning text (and an insisted two cups of coffee), I dragged my roommates outside with a pot of boiling water. The infamous science experiment which has gone viral multiple times: tossing a pot of boiling water into below zero temperatures and it instantly freezes. The frigid air holds water vapor much better than warm air does. This is reason you can see your breath in the colder, winter months.

So when you throw a pot of boiling water in the air, the hot water instantly forms into small water crystals. The steam you see is the water vapor coming off the crystals. A mistake many make is to throw the water into the wind, which causes the boiling water to come back and hit you.

Anyways! I dragged my two roommates outside, and we experimented. We tossed two pots out, and loved it! We then attempted (and succeeded) at making our own bubbles, but those didn’t freeze near as well as the water did.

After some hot chocolate and homemade chili, another friend called asking for a photoshoot. The temperature had warmed up a bit, so my roommate and I bundled up, grabbed some hand warmers and adventured into the Polar Vortex of 2019. Check out some of the results below!

*A Note: we dressed as warmly as we could, and took a break in a heated car every 5-10 minutes of the photo session.

**A Note’s Note: Photos are by me, Eric Pritchett and Cameron Toner.