Ball State Dance Marathon,
Feb. 16, 2019

Ball State’s Dance Marathon is one of the largest student-ran events on campus, and raises money for Riley Hospital for Children. Ball State students join teams and “compete” against one another in attempts to raise the most money for Riley. During the event, students stand for 13.1 hours in honor of the kids who can’t fight on their own. Throughout the entire night, students work with Riley kids and continue to raise money.

Danielle was Christian’s “Riley Partner” throughout the night. Christian and his twin, Grace, spent most of the evening in the Riley Family room making crafts, eating and playing games. Once they got downstairs with the college students, the twins made a game of raising money. They ran around challenging Cardinals to either 10 push-ups or donating five dollars. Together, the two raised over $100 in challenges for Riley Hospital.

At the conclusion of the event (at 2:06 a.m.), Ball State had raised $615,287.24 for Christian’s “second home.”