Delaware County Championship Wrestling Honoring,
February 16, 2019

The DCCW reached out to the Daugherty family asking if the family would share Christian’s story prior to the championship wrestling match. The match was hosted in Marker’s Mark: MadJax of Muncie. Brad works in the Co-Lab, also in MadJax, which is how the organization and the Daugherty’s became connected.

Before walking on stage, one wrestler in particular, “The Cutter,” went into the Co-Lab to introduce himself to Christian and his family. Having lost his daughter to a heart condition and his sister to cancer, The Cutter wanted to let Christian know that he has “people bigger than him fighting the fight.” The Cutter then asked to pray with the family, and gave each of them a hug of his own.

As the event began, the announcer brought Christian and his family up to celebrate Christian as “a fighter no one should have to become.” The crowd of locals immediately stood up giving the family a standing ovation. Soon after, the wrestling community gave a 10-Ring Salute to a wrestling who recently lost his mother. “We are all a fighting community, and this family is part of us.” As the bells tolled, Christian squeezed his father’s hand, and asked to give the 300-pound wrestler a hug. The 8-year-old boy gave the man a bear hug before walking off stage.

One of the strongest fighters this year has seen.